The Steam Powered Printing Press

There’s nothing that gets me more excited than discovering the newest vein in Steampunk. Fashion, music, home decor, and the whole Do-It-Yourself attitude races my boiler every time!

What’s that?

You don’t know what Steampunk is?

Steampunk is a sub-culture that blends modern technological capabilities with a Victorian flair. It’s part science fiction, part fantasy, part alternative/speculative history, and holistically swell. It’s followers incorporate the Victorian aesthetic into modern technology. Datamancer’s modified laptop, for example, is the perfect melding of modern utility with classic beauty, and the single piece of technology which turned my heart to Steampunk:

Simply gorgeous. You can find more information and a plethora of beautiful pictures here on Datamancer’s website.

Here at Trial By Steam, I’ll be bringing you the newest and most outstanding from this obscure but extraordinary subculture as I discover it.

If you have thoughts or something you’d like to share with me, please feel free to get in contact with me by leaving comments or shooting me an email. I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas about everything Steampunk!

A. E. Flint

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