Steam Powered Gaming

If there’s one thing that I love as much as Steampunk, it’s gaming. Both things are just so nerdy that it makes my inner geek do a gleeful happy dance.

Many of us remember the original Game Boy that came out some twenty years ago, but I can assure you that you don’t remember it like this:

That’s right folks, a Steampunk modified Game Boy! I would love to pull this baby out somewhere in public and just see how many stares I could get while playing on this gorgeous piece of technology! You can check out the artist’s DeviantART site here for a link to the Game Boy and to browse his incredible inventory of uniquely modified Game Boys.

And, if that’s not enough, check out this video demo of this beauty in action!

I could do without the midi music, but we’re here to review the mod and not the music, right? I do hope it’s a working model, though. To me, it looks as if the Game Boy has a distorted screen. It would be quite disappointing for all that modification work to have a damaged display screen!

Nevertheless, this is an excellent modification of modern technology into the Steampunk look. Well done, Thretris!