Cogs and the Steam Minded iPhone

I have a treat for all you iPhone users! A new application called Cogs is sure to race your boilers. It’s a fantastic, 3D puzzle game that challenges its players’ engineering prowess. This game is what happens when the basic puzzle slider meets a Steampunk Rubik’s Cube.

You can watch their trailer here to get a good feel for the game. It features two ways to play: Inventor Mode which introduces the player to what the finished product should look like before they begin, and Challenge Mode, which forces the player to work within an unforgiving 30 second time frame.

You can pick Cogs up in the iTunes Store. The demo is just 99 cents.

And, since we are on the topic of iPhones, I figured I’d deliver this secondary video featuring a modified Steampunk iPhone to give you all some ideas to modify your own phone. I think Meggrs did a fantastic job. Pictures are available here, on the inventor’s Flickr account. While you are over there, be sure to look into her “Steampunk Stuff” album. She has some fantastic talent!