Steam Powered Reads: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

I recently finished re-reading one of my favorite Steampunk works, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, by Alan Moore. Most of you are probably familiar with the film by the same name that came out a few years ago which was entertaining but hardly true to the source material. The graphic novel is truly outstanding as a work of Steampunk fiction, and deserves a spot on the book shelves of every Steampunk.

Alan Moore has called the concept the, “Justice League of Victorian England.” In summary, Wilhelmina Murray and her team of literary greats are sent on a mission by a mysterious figure known only as “M” to thwart a crime lord in London’s East End who threatens the peace of London’s skies.

What excites me so much about this graphic novel is that its main characters are all from Victorian literature. There is an incredible amount of tribute paid to the classic Victorian works of fiction and their authors while at the same time succeeding in creating a story in which modern readers can become interested and involved.

A word of warning, though. This series is not for children. It also has many of the bigoted sentiments of the past about race and gender which modern Steampunks should be able to find and realize as inappropriate for today’s modern world. One of the nice things about Steampunk is that we can admire the Victorians for their belief in the limitless of human potential and invention without excluding anyone as the Victorians most certainly did.

You can buy this book at any book store that has a graphic novels section, or here, from Amazon:

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