Steam Driven Fashion: Clockwork Couture

Today, one of my best friends and I were discussing the possibilities of my going to a prom in Minnesota for one of my MMORPG’s guild mates as his date. My friend wondered what I could possibly wear to such an event without looking like a puffy princess.

And that is when I introduced her to Clockwork Couture.

This boutique seems to have an unending vision of what constitutes Steampunk clothing and is an excellent option for those who are not particularly gifted in the modification of clothing for that Victorian flair. It also can provide the foundations for an amazing Steampunk wardrobe, which makes scouring through thrift shops a bit more focused.

I love their ideas. And, while the dress that I’m planning to wear to this possible prom isn’t sold through them, the shoes most certainly are. Take a look at these babies:

Love them! I can’t wait to order these and show up to a prom in them!

2 comments on “Steam Driven Fashion: Clockwork Couture

  1. Samantha Lee says:

    Dear Great One,
    Did you know it should be him not her? He noticed his and I ROFLOLed.

    • aeflint says:

      Samantha, it is actually supposed to be ‘her’. The friend I was discussing the boots and prom attire with is a female friend of mine here in Dallas. My potential prom date was not introduced to Clockwork Couture until much later, and only upon his request to see my blog!

      Thanks for the comment, though! I’m glad to see you’ve joined my legion of faithful readers. 😀

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