Braithwaite Wallets: Raptured

We live in a society where the majority of the populace values cheap, and therefore, poorly made goods. Finding a product which not only looks impressive but promises to last can be a challenge to the discerning buyer.

Braithwaite Wallets scoffs at this trend. They produce outstanding men’s wallets, one of which in particular caught my fancy: Raptured.

I’ve always liked men’s more than women’s wallets because I find women’s wallets too bulky. I cannot say enough positive things about both this wallet and the Braithwaite company in general.

My parents bought me this wallet as a birthday gift. I admired its Steampunk/Deco design and color scheme and thought it would go well with my ever-increasing Steampunk wardrobe. But these pictures do not do this wallet justice. I was stunned by the level of craftsmanship in this wallet. It is absolutely beautiful. I am always getting compliments about its unique look and questions as to where I obtained it.

And the Braithwaite company goes out of their way to ensure the happiness of their customers. Each wallet comes with a story of the company and the particular wallet you’ve ordered.  They are the only company that I know of that offers a policy that would replace your wallet should it be lost or stolen. I get an occasional email and/or YouTube video updating me on the progress of the company that gives me the sincere impression that they care about my business and are committed to making quality products.

If you are in the market for a new wallet with a Steampunk flair, I can personally recommend from direct experience with Braithwaite and the Raptured wallet. You won’t regret your purchase!

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