Fuel For The Boiler: A Steampunk Cookbook

Even Steampunks need to eat on the occasion they find themselves out of the lab to recharge. Earlier this week, I presented to you all a recipe for Trilobite Cookies which I love, but Steampunks cannot live on cookies alone, even adorable, Trilobite shaped ones. And really, the thought of just an average TV dinner or fast food hardly captures the spirit of Steampunk.

Which is why today, I bring you the best of Steampunk culinary arts, Fuel for the Boiler: A Steampunk Cookbook.

Elizabeth Stockton has collected the best of classic recipes to create a cookbook which respects traditional cooking while assuring these dishes have a distinctly Steampunk signature. What I really like about these recipes is that they aren’t too gimmicky. They aren’t embarrassingly over the top in their need to represent Steampunk culinary proclivities, but the subtle signature is there.

The cookbook has it all, from Beverages and Appetizers to Desserts, and everything in between. I love the titles of some of these recipes, and so many of them sound positively delicious!

You can order this cookbook here for 11.05 USD, or download it for FREE here. Yes, free. Seriously, free. Still, being the bibliophile that I am, I can’t resist having this book in my kitchen. Certainly money well spent!

Happy cooking!

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  3. ty for covering my book! it really was a labor of love and im so glad steampunks do enjoy my efforts!

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