World Steam Expo

Today, I’d like to draw your collective attentions to a Steampunk convention which is rapidly approaching: the World Steam Expo. This event will take place in Dearborn, Michigan from the 28th-31st of May 2010, with free programing on the 27th as well! This four-day event will feature the best of Steampunk across the Midwest.

While not all the events and featured guests are listed, I do know that Abney Park will be there, which will be wonderful. Plus, there’s going to be a mad science fair, which will be sure to inspire. I’m particularly excited about the masquerade that will be taking place! Any evening spent ballroom dancing with a Steampunk gentlemen is an excellent one in my book!

Registration for this event is now open. You can get all the information you may require on the World Steam Expo’s website. Keep checking back on their website as the date of the convention approaches for more information.