Vernian Process

I’d like to introduce you all to yet another trailblazing Steampunk band for your auditory pleasure, Vernian Process.

I really enjoy the various references to literature that they incorporate into their lyrics. Their sound is rich and unique, less industrial sounding than Abney Park. Their orchestral pieces are evocative and emotional.

Vernian Process has a link on their website for their “radio” where you can listen to complete songs of theirs off of the album Behold the Machine to get an honest feel for their music. Sometimes, just 30 seconds of each song isn’t enough to get a real feeling for a band and the kind of music that they produce. Click here for the radio. I think you will like what you hear.

And, if you like Behold the Machine, you can download a complementary high quality copy of the pre-release album here (Scroll down to below the track listings for Behold the Machine). Please drop Vernian Process a note to say thanks if you download and enjoy their work. I’m sure they’d love to hear from you as a new fan!

In fact, I sent them an email to say thanks for the download earlier today, and I got a message back from Joshua P. Pheiffer, one of the members of Vernian Process, thanking me for the message. He also said that Vernian Process will have the full version of their album done very soon! I’ll let you know when I hear anything else about the official release of Behold the Machine.

Two points to the first person who can tell me what work of fiction is being referenced in the Curse of Whitechapel. You can listen to it in the radio player.

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  1. Thank you much for this article! As a matter of fact, we announced yesterday the much anticipated release of Behold the Machine for October 1st, 2010. Thank you for the kind words, and for taking the time to hear (and spread) or music.



  2. […] The Machine Vernian Process informed me last week that they are finally ready to release Behold the Machine, the album I was […]

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