Steampunk Blunderbuss

I’ve been going on something of a modification rant as  of late, but this mod is sure to excite. Artist Jonathan Alberico has made a working Steampunk inspired blunderbuss named Doris.

This blunderbuss is on sale right now on Ebay. You can buy this beauty and obtain the perfect weapon to accent your Steampunk attire. It is sure to be a one-of-a-kind purchase.

The weapon is designed to shoot rubber balls, but can also fire a myriad of other projectiles like bouncy balls or confetti. Quite frankly, I can not think of a more excessive and over the top way to launch confetti than with this contraption. That certianly is one way to get a Steampunk party started!

I can’t help but admire the craftsman ship that was put into this blunderbuss. It’s obvious Mr. Alberico is a very talented artist. I’m sure we can expect to see more firearms emerge from his workshop.

Here’s some videos of Doris in action! Enjoy!