Steamcon: A Steampunk Convention

While I realize that the actual date for this event is rather far into the future, I thought that you all might appreciate a little heads up about this particular event.


Steamcon is a relatively new convention for Steampunks hosted in Seattle. It will take place on the 19th of November through the 21st, 2010. Online registration for the convention is not yet open for 2010 at the moment, but will hopefully open soon.

I wanted to let you all know about this event early so that should you like to entertain the idea of attending, you have plenty of time to arrange for whatever wardrobe and travel plans you might need to make.

Steamcon is really an exciting event because so much of what is new and innovative in Steampunk seems to be happening in Seattle. Abney Park is based here. Many well known Steampunk authors including Cherie Priest, the author of Boneshaker live in Seattle. There’s an incredible opportunity to meet all sorts of people who know and love Steampunk as much as we do. What an exciting prospect for a relatively obscure subculture!