Part of the beauty of Steampunk is the unique craftsmanship that goes into Steampunk art. Because Steampunk lauds the individual crafts-person and scoffs at the mass-produced, each Steampunk item is almost sure to be unique.

Finding quality, handmade goods, especially Steampunk inspired ones, can be something of a challenge. Etsy, a website specializing in handmade and vintage arts, however, makes the search a little easier. Etsy’s mission is to reconnect buyers and sellers in a more personalized shopping experience.  This kind of shopping experience was a dying concept as artists were regulated to the occasional craft fair and most consumers switched to mass-produced goods of unknown origin or workmanship to save a few extra dollars.

Etsy is the complete opposite of that trend. The buyer knows exactly who is making what they wish to buy, and where it is coming from. Best of all, shopping Etsy means you are supporting artists who are trying to make a living selling their crafts. While you won’t find many “bargans” here, what you will find is fantastically made goods.

Steampunk itself has a considerable presence on Etsy. My search for “Steampunk” today under All Categories yielded 44, 245 items which were tagged as having a Steampunk flair. What a great selection!

Etsy comes highly recommended not only for your Steampunk needs, but for anything you might want that is hand/home made. Making the shift away from corporate purchases and supporting a talented artist has never been easier.

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