Abney Park: Aether Shanties

Abney Park is probably the best known Steampunk band. Their industrial sound is truly unique and makes for some energizing listening, especially when compared to the mediocre things that they mainstream music industry produces and dares to call music (Disney, I’m looking at you…).

Abney Park was initially founded as a Gothic Industrial band. It wasn’t until their eighth album Lost Horizons in 2008 that they found the Steampunk niche. They created alternate personas and a fictional back story about their lives as airship pirates to ‘explain’ their genre shift. Many of their songs have some reference to this back story.

Aether Shanties is Abney Park’s tenth album. Lyrically, it’s an extension of the airship pirates theme, while succeeding in conjuring up all sorts of old-timey sounds and imagery that fit the Steampunk genre. The sound is excellent, the engineering of the album well executed.

Please click on the album above to go to Abney Park’s marketplace. The link I have provided even has two sample songs you can listen to before you buy the CD. Digital download of Aether Shanties is also available in the market place, as are all of their previous releases.

If you’re interested in exploring Steampunk music, this album is a great place to start.

And, I just found out that Abney Park will be visiting my home town in June! Squee!