Gentleman’s Emporium

Some of my gentlemen Steampunk cohorts have recently lamented their position in the Steampunk fashion world. They have told me that the felt as if their Steampunk attire was not as impressive or attention grabbing as ladies fashion. There is, unfortunately, an element of truth to this. Men’s clothing has changed very little over the course of the past two centuries, making it a bit more difficult for the Steampunk gentleman to find clothes that are distinctly Victorian influenced.

Gentleman’s Emporium is an excellent place to start for those seeking to build a solid wardrobe for both men and women, but their men’s selection is positively outstanding.

I’ve had personal experience with this company. I once bought a tailcoat from them which continues to please me. It arrived well packed so as to ensure the garment was not damaged in transit to my residence. It is well constructed from excellent materials and fit precisely to specifications. Five years after my purchase of this tailcoat, I’m still very pleased with it.

They’ve recently added a “Steampunk” section to their homepage, but I really can’t see much of a difference between the products listed on the Steampunk section as to their regular line. I’d encourage you to look through all of the departments which strike your fancy.

Gents, don’t pass this merchant up when building your Steampunk wardrobe!