Steampunk Wallpaper

Today I’d like to share with you all a website which will aid you in decorating that device which brings us all together here on Trial by Steam, the computer.

All computers nowadays come with with some preloaded pedestrian wall papers. There’s really nothing special about them, and certainly none of them appeal to the Steampunk aesthetic.

Allow me, then, to present for your exploration, Steampunk Wallpapers. They specialize in tailoring a Steampunk flair for your computer’s desktop, all while being entirely free. Here’s yesterday’s wallpaper, called High Flyin:

Observe these blokes having a jolly good time on their airship! This wall paper would be great to induce some Steampunk inspired giggles. Heck, I think it would be great to put on my computer at work to see how my co-workers react and to add a little light-heartedness to my office desktop.

I’d really like to know what they are drinking… it must be fantastic. Also, their revolutionary stylization of their facial hair is, well, awe inspiring.

You’ll find wallpapers like this and hundreds of others with a Steampunk spin at Steampunk Wallpapers. Check them out!