The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Film

Earlier I introduced you all to what might be the quintessential Steampunk graphic novel, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, by Alan Moore. Allow me to take the opportunity once again to encourage you to pick up a copy of the graphic novel at your first opportunity.

The graphic novel was adapted into a motion picture in 2003 under the same name. While the film is really nothing like its source material, it is at the very least entertaining on a more basic explosions and action level. Here’s the trailer:

What is important about this film is that for many it put a face on the Neo-Victorian and Steampunk movement. This film did an incredible amount to promote not only the concept of Steampunk, but also an interest in classic Victorian literature. I must admit that I love Naseeruddin Shah’s portrayal of Captain Nemo.

As far as trailblazing Steampunk films are concerned, I would argue that it was a better representation than Wild Wild West with Will Smith that came out in 1999.  I, however, have never been that much into Western inspired Steampunk, and I thought the movie was a bit corny when I last saw it. Here’s the trailer for Wild Wild West.

The gadgets in the film are admittedly impressive, but unfortunately it’s not enough to salvage the film in my book. Still, I can see how the Steampunks who prefer a American West, rather than a European Victorian slant, would enjoy Wild Wild West.

Still, if you ask me, I’d recommend The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It does a better job giving a nod to Steampunk’s roots in Victorian Science Fiction and the trailblazing authors like Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Mary Shelly,  and Mark Twain who are now the founding minds behind our modern Steampunk.