A Steampunk Home

Designing an entire home around the Steampunk aesthetic can be both an artistic and financial challenge. Making today’s modern conveniences fit into a Neo-Victorian/Steampunk style is certainly a challenge. Jake von Slatt’s recent visit to an entirely Steampunk home is inspirational for any person considering redecorating their home or restoring an old home to its past beauty.

The following is just a few of the many photos of the house taken by von Slatt. You can see the entire compilation on von Slatt’s website.

*sigh* I wish I could tell you that these were all pictures of the inside of my house, but unfortunately, they are not. This house is expertly restored to reflect the Steampunk influence. I love it!

It is also worth mentioning that Bruce and Melanie Rosenbaum, the people who own this house, run a home restoration business that focuses specifically on the Steampunk aesthetic!  ModVic was started in June of 2007 and they are very clearly amazing at their work. Just take a look at some of the restoration work they have done if you still harbor reason to doubt me.

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