La Main des Maitres

I found this short film, La Main des Maîtres (The Hand of the Masters), made by Clément Delatre & Looky & Adrien “CaYuS” Toupet. It’s beautiful short animated film about two young workers aiding a revolution against the upper class. Please be aware, there are many scenes of animated blood, so this film isn’t one for the miniatures. Still, the artwork involved in this made it impossible for me not to post.

This short film shows off some very impressive Steampunk technology. I know some people won’t like it’s open ending, but I found that the more I reflected on it, the more I was pleased with where it was left. It certainly does leave me wondering what happens next, though.

If you liked La Main des Maîtres, you can find the website for the film here. It has a plethora of information about the film, including showing locations and many awards it has received.

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