Steampunk Magazine #6

Steampunk Magazine is a semi-annual periodical with an entirely Steampunk focus. It is published online under the Creative Commons license and is available for download free from their website.

Steampunk Magazine #6 has hit the virtual shelves!

Issue #6, “The Pre-Industrial Revolution” is packed full of entertaining interviews and articles which are sure to delight. It includes an interview with Ghostfire, a Steampunk band from the UK, a wonderful collection of poetry and an article on the power of the Romantic authors and poets. There’s even an article on alchemy which is not to be missed. #6 is Steampunk Magazine’s largest issue to date, which certainly indicates that Steampunk is at present alive and well.

If you liked what you read in the sixth issue of Steampunk Magazine, previous editions are available for your procurement in the downloads section of their website. There, you can also find Steampunk Magazine’s publication, Steampunk’s Guide To The Apocolypse, which is also free to download and is an obvious essential to any Steampunk hoping to survive the coming apocalypse and thrive in the new, post apocalyptic Steampunk world. You can also purchase the book for five dollars from their site, if you prefer a bound copy for the library, rather than just printing it out. Visit their downloads section and scroll all the way down (past the first issue) to find your survival guide!