Rotary Dialer and Bubble Level for the iPhone

Yesterday’s post inspired me to look for an app for all you iPhone users out there that would add a touch of the old to your iPhone screens. I certainly don’t want you all feeling left out, after all!

So, for all you iPhone users out there, I managed to find a rotary dial for your iPhone by ObjectGraph LLC. This is inspired off the rotary dial on old phones. As you saw yesterday, modern replicas of antique phones have added touch tone buttons to dial the telephone. I found the notion of an iPhone with a rotary dial quaint, so here it is! Click the picture below to download this app for only .99 cents.

The other thing I found for you all is something of a bonus. It doesn’t have anything particular to do with phones or phone usage, but for all you Steampunk modders out there, this app will certainly be of assistance. It’s a Bubble level by CirkelSoft and this app measures in two directions, so its perfect for making sure your washing machine, pool table, or time machine is sitting level. It’s also just .99 cents, and worth the download for anyone whose found themselves wanting for a level.

With all the amazing things that iPhones can do, why not make sure it is fully supporting your inner Steampunk?