Steampunk Professor Xavier Wheelchair Project

There’s been an impressive Steampunk wheelchair that has been floating around for some time now. I’d been considering posting about it for a while now, but the photos alone did not in my mind do the chair justice when I discovered all its various functions. So I held off, and now I’m glad that I did!

The inventor of this wheelchair, Daniel Valdez (who goes by Smee), recently posted a video of his invention. Have a gander below!

I’m not really sure what is up with the various alcoholic accessories or what this necessarily has to do with Professor X, but if there’s one thing that is for certain, its that this wheelchair is awesome! I absolutely love the smokestack that comes out of the back. It adds a certain realism to the piece.

I expect much more to come from this Steampunk artist. As the conclusion to his video says, there are plenty of ways to follow him: through Facebook, on Steampunk Empire, and through Flickr and YouTube. You can also find his webpage, here.

And, after you are finished watching your video, consider watching Daniel’s other video featuring his Iron Man costume from DragonCon 2008. While not necessarily Steampunk, it amused me sufficiently to be worth a mention.