Steampunk Sewing Machine

Steampunks, by very nature of the Do-It-Yourself mindset of our subculture, are very close to those means by which we produce our Steampunk inventions. Where would the engineer be without her toolkit, or the tailor without his sewing machine?

And speaking of sewing machines, what’s to stop a modder talented in device alteration and in love with her sewing machine from combining her two loves? What might that look like?

Something like this, I would imagine.

Artist Becky Stern found an old sewing machine and decided to mod it in the Steampunk aesthetic for a  project in a sculpture/metalworking class. She admits in her blog that she has little understanding of the Steampunk movement and not a lot of interest in learning, and to me, that’s a terrible shame. She clearly has some incredible talent, and from just a basic understanding of Steampunk, she’s produced a beautiful, functional sewing machine.

If you are in love with this sewing machine as much as I am, then I must direct you to Becky’s Flickr album for additional pictures of her project.

Ms. Stern, I highly encourage you to reconsider your stance on learning about Steampunk. You clearly have the talent and with a little bit more study into Steampunk tastes, I think success would continue to find you!