Maker Profile – Jake Von Slatt

A while back, I featured a post on Jake Von Slatt’s first project to go viral, the Do It Yourself Steampunk keyboard. One of the things I love about Jake Von Slatt and his website is that he puts up tutorials of all the work he does so that other people can either re-create or be inspired by his creation techniques.

Browsing YouTube, I found this wonderful video of Jake Von Slatt and his perspective on Steampunk modding as well as the Steampunk culture. Have a look-see below!

What a fantastic person and inventor! Steampunk is quite fortunate to have him among our ranks. He has such a great perspective not only on modding, but also what Steampunk means to the people it embraces.

And, if you are suddenly struck by the need to see Jake Von Slatt in person, you’ve just given yourself another reason to join me and your fellow Steampunks in Seattle for SteamCon 2010. I’d love to see you there!