Steampunk Rayguns

You know, sometime Steampunk is just silly. It’s over the top and goofy. It’s a good thing that we Steampunks can recognize this and try not to take ourselves too seriously.

I was exploring the depths of the internet (i.e. YouTube) today when I discovered this infomercial for Steampunk rayguns. It’s hilarious, so watch it!

And watching that video reminded me of the fact that I had recently procured a silly graphic novel/catalogue called Doctor Grordbort’s Contrapulatronic Dingus Directory (Catalogue Edition). Seriously. That’s what it’s called. Here’s a picture of this thing’s cover, just to prove to you that this actually exists:

Anyway, I own a copy of this silly reading material. I wouldn’t call this a literary breakthrough, but it is perfect for bathroom reading or inspiring daydreams of one’s own successful bid at world domination. As it sounds, most of Doctor Grordbort’s Contrapulatronic Dingus Directory (Catalogue Edition) is a fictitious catalogue of items one could theoretically order from Doctor Grordbort. The descriptions of the capabilities of these inventions is completely off the wall, just like the infomercial above, so if that sort of humor appeals to you, I guarantee that you will thoroughly enjoy Doctor Grordbort’s Contrapulatronic Dingus Directory (Catalogue Edition).

Here’s another video featuring the book itself:

To science and to world domination!