Etsy: Alchemy

A while back, I sang the praises of Etsy and why it is a Steampunk’s paradise.  Not only does it have an unmatched wealth of Steampunk influenced goods, but it also makes it easy to purchase handmade items by actual artisans rather than buying goods from the corporate sphere.  Supporting individuals over the corporate and mass-produced is at the heart of what we Steampunks do, after all!

Yes, its true. I’m in love with Etsy. But, I have another reason to love Etsy, and it is called Alchemy.

Oooh, ahh….

Alchemy is the perfect way to get exactly what you want for that Steampunk accessory you’ve had lodged in your mind but don’t have the artistic skills to create yourself. It’s your fastest and most effective way to find the most qualified artist to create whatever it is that your heart desires. Just place a request for a custom order and watch the bids pour in from talented artists all over the world. You will be sure to get exactly what you want and an item that is uniquely yours through Alchemy.