Steampunk from ThinkGeek

Spring is here which means that summer and all its insufferable weather is right around the corner. The glaring sun of summer has never been something to which I have looked forward, especially since my relocation to the city of Dallas where the summers are nothing short of oppressive.  I know that summer can be cruel on the Steampunk, so for the next few days, I’m going to be featuring some summer attire that will allow you to sport your allegiance to Steampunk comfortably.

Sometimes, Steampunk is a little too formal. A considerable amount of my wardrobe is clothing that I cannot wear without occasion or to work. Or when the Texas heat makes Victorian layers stifling.

For those occasions, there is a necessity for some cooler, more casual clothing. Think Geek, one of the internet’s foremost shopping centers for everything geek, has its own two Steampunk inspired shirts: The Steampunk Skeleton and the Steampunk Angel.

With a nice part of slacks for the discerning gentleman and a breezy skirt for the lady, these shirts are sufficiently Steampunk and casual. And while I’d never be allowed the wear this to work, I imagine that there are many of you who might be able to wear this before some of your more formal Steampunk garb. It’s also an excellent option when doing outdoor activities and wishing to simultaneously sport your Steampunk sensibilities.