Steampunk Sunglasses

Today, I’m featuring eye-wear that is sufficiently Steampunk, but not the typical goggles we all know and love. Sometimes, goggles just won’t do, but what should take its place?

Ah, yes, that looks about right.

This and many other amazing designs are the work of Alexander Tasou, a famous designer who has been crafting accessories namely for science fiction films since the 1980’s. You can bet that with all that experience, Alexander knows a thing or two about making a pair of outstanding sunglasses. These sunglasses are sure to turn heads and garner many an honest compliment on your fashion sense.

You can see the whole line of Alexander’s Steampunk sunglasses here, but while you are at his site, be sure to check out his other designs on things like bags, watches, and head-wear.  I love his briefcase designs, and some of those masks would be excellent options for someone looking to make a statement at a masquerade.