Steampunk Jumper by IrregularPearl

Today I wanted to share a wonderful experience with all of you on my most recent purchase from Etsy. Last month, I bought a charming Steampunk Jumper from IrregularPearl.

I cannot recommend this seller enough. She was courteous and eager to ensure that all my needs as her customer were met.  When my shipment was delayed, she was generous enough to refund my money for the shipping. How sweet of her!

And this dress is just gorgeous! I love the unique look of the design. Her measurements were all true to form which made the dress fit me perfectly with a lovely personally tailored feel. And this, unlike the shirts from ThinkGeek, this dress is totally something I could wear to work! Yay!

Irregular Pearl has another dress on Etsy for sale at the moment: a blue and white Edwardian dress that also looks rather Steampunk-esque. There’s even a bustle for the dress that comes with the ensemble so you don’t have to worry about finding one that will achieve the same look as is pictured in the Etsy listing. Knowing that this dress is at present the only dress of its kind, there is every reason to consider adding this piece to your wardrobe. The Edwardian dress is a versatile addition to any Steampunk lady’s wardrobe for summer as it appears the overcoat can be removed (I’m not positive on this, so please confirm with IrregularPearl if you wish to be sure). Be sure to take your measurements before ordering!

If you wind up buying this dress, let me know how you liked it and how your experience with Etsy and IrregularPearl played out. Again, by my standards, she is highly recommended!