In summer, it is unfortunately true that the Steampunk gentleman has few options in leg-wear when compared to his female counterparts. The lady has the option of a dress, a skirt, pants, or even Capri/pedal pusher pants to stylize her wardrobe. The gentleman, however, has been stuck with pants, as shorts on a Steampunk gentleman looks, in my book, almost always ridiculous.

But no more! For tonight, I present to all you gentleman out there, a liberating alternative to the traditional pantaloon and the ultimate in manly-man fashion, the Utilikilt.

Pictured above is their Survival kilt which features detachable belt bags, deep internal pockets, and a modesty enclosure. I love this kilt because it is at the point of Utilikilt’s line where fashion meets function. And the fact that the kilt can carry 20 bottles of beer is plenty of assurance that it will be able to hold whatever tools an airship mechanic might need to keep close at hand.

But the Survival kilt is hardly the only notable garment in Utilikilt’s line. One could hardly go wrong with the Mocker for a workplace kilt, and the Tuxedo kilt is a fabulous and striking option for more formal events.  I have never met a man who, upon receiving his Utilikilt, did not absolutely love it, and at current count, I do believe that number stands at three individuals.

So, gentlemen, this summer, break from the norm (like all good punks should) and consider adding a Utilikilt to your wardrobe.

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