GRUPS Steampunk

If you are a nerd much like myself, then you probably have an ongoing love affair with D&D and other table-top RPGs. There’s nothing quite like the paper and pencil RPGs where you sit around a table with a few of your closest cohorts dreaming of vanquishing foes in a world concocted solely for your adventures.

Yes… I have my fair share of amazing D&D feats. Which is why this thrills me to pieces:

A company called GRUPS (Generic Universal Role Playing System) put out an award winning book for a Steampunk world back in 2000, but it went out of print. Thankfully for all of us gaming nerds, however, the Steampunk book is not only back in print, but also available for digital download from GRUPS’s site. I particularly intrigued by how this book blends actual historical events with the “weird science” which so typifies Steampunk.

You can find the general rules for the GRUPS module here at e23 in a free PDF download. At their main site, be sure to check out their incredible section of books. I doubt there is a book missing from their impressive collection of possible worlds, technology, and peoples, making it a virtually limitless resource for a DM planning a gaming session!

Happy gaming, everyone.