How I’ve managed to write this blog for as long as I have an overlook today’s website is completely beyond me. I have no excuse, not even ignorance, to claim as a valid reason for not introducing you all to this much sooner.

Nevertheless, I’d like to take this moment to finally introduce you all to Instructables, one of my favorite haunts on the web.

This website is all about the Do-It-Yourself mentality, and just like the title of the website implies, this place is the best resource on the web to learn how to make nearly anything your heart desires. A quick search of the website for the term “Steampunk” turned up 20 pages of search results at 13 Instructables per page. That’s 260 hits of just items tagged with the term Steampunk that you can learn to make for yourself.

And really, when it comes to the Steampunk mindset, there’s nothing quite like a gadget made by the wearer. I know not all of us are deft with their hands, which is why we have such wonderful places such as Etsy to shop at, but for those of us that just need a little direction in their quest to mod the ordinary into something extraordinarily Steampunk, Instructables is the place to be.

Do you have a favorite Steampunk Instructable? Let me know in the comments!