Steampunk Form & Function Design Competition

Attention all tinkerers, inventors, and Steampunk engineers! Tonight’s event, hot off my stack of Steampunk press releases, is sure to delight your mind and fire up those competitive instincts. Here’s the press release below!

Announcing the launch of and Steampuffin’s 1st Annual Steampunk Form & Function Design Competition.

The competition brings together outstanding Steampunk design innovations, details the design process and promotes the role of the Steampunk designer/craftsman. Along with recycled items, all Steampunk design solutions are primarily built using authentic Victorian (1850s to early 1900s) objects, salvage items, clothing and antiques that incorporate modern technology and have specific functions for modern day, practical uses.

Sponsored by, Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation, ModVic, LLC, Steampuffin and Brute Force Studios, the selections in Steampuffin’s Annual Competition represents the best work across the world in creative Steampunk design for housing modern day technology and conveniences, as chosen by a distinguished jury of design peers. All Steampunk design projects will be exhibited at the Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation in Waltham MA from October 22, 2010 to May 10, 2011.

Please visit to find out more.

Okay, people, if you consider yourself a Steampunk artist, this event is not to be missed. In fact, you would be insane to miss out on the opportunity to rub shoulders with the creators of ModVic and SteamPuffin. The connections you could establish and attention paid to your winning piece would be incredible. Do not pass up this opportunity to have your work recognized by some of Steampunk’s greats!

The deadline for the competition is September 5, 2010, so goggles down and get to work!

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  1. […] Back in April, I announced the beginning of a contest being hosted by Steampuffin, The Steampunk Form and Function Design Competition. Many, many months later, the winners of the contest have been selected, and their works are now on display at the Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation in Waltham, MA. […]

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