SteamCon II Registration is Now Open!

Registration for SteamCon II has now been opened, and I’ve got all the details about it right here!

Weekend passes to the event will be the only passes sold at pre-reg. There will be no one day passes sold online before the event. So, if you really want to go to SteamCon but are only thinking you will be there for part of the conference, I would highly recommend buying the weekend pass now and knowing that you have a ticket for whatever day you want to come. Additionally, one day passes will be just as expensive (if not more so) than pre-registering for the entire weekend now. So be smart and pre-register so you don’t risk being told the event is sold out.

Memberships to SteamCon are in a will-call style that you will pick up at the con itself. Nothing will be mailed to you. The following prices will be valid until July 1 through SteamCon’s Registration page:

Children under 6 – no charge
Full weekend teen (6-17) – $20.00
Full weekend adult (18 & up) – $35.00
Full weekend teen patron (6-17) – $220.00
Full weekend adult patron (18 & up) – $235.00

You may be wondering what’s the story behind the higher prices for the Patron level. It’s basically the level which allows SteamCon to have a bit more money upfront to bring you the greatest SteamCon yet. According to SteamCon’s Registration page, it grants the patron “a special exclusive gift as our thanks, as well as an opportunity to purchase special event tickets early, early seating for those events, a special reception with our participants and any other perks we can bestow throughout the Steamcon II weekend.”  To me, that’s worth the extra money, but that, of course, is for each of you to individually decide.