Steam Wars – A New Hope

Steampunk has a talent for attracting all manner of nerds into its embrace. It’s just edgy enough and enamored with technology to inspire things like the Steam Trek film I presented to you a few weeks ago. When it comes to all things nerdy with a sci-fi appeal, where there are Trekkies, there are almost certainly Star Wars fans as well.

So what would Star Wars do with a Steampunk palette? How about this:

That’s a set of Steampunk inspired Star Wars action figures. And they are amazing.

Created by Sillof, these action figures re-imagine the main characters of the original Star Wars series in the Steampunk aesthetic. He insists that they are “kind of Steampunk, but not really” but I am sure that this will appeal to any Steampunk and Star Wars fan with a passion for action figures.

I really like the reinterpretation of Obi-Wan. He’s got a medieval knight feel to him while maintaining the hermit aspect of his exile on Tatooine. That, and Obi-Wan has always been one of my favorite Star Wars characters.

If you like Sillof’s work, you can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and DeviantArt. You can see his current auctions at his Ebay store.

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