The Anachronism

This is a short film I’ve been waiting to show you all for a while now. It was supposed to make its web debut on the 17th of April, and when it didn’t surface as scheduled, it’s eventual appearance got a bit delayed. Here it is now, The Anachronism, a short film by Mathew Gordonlong about two young aspiring naturalists who happen upon an incredible discovery:

This film won 6 Leo awards, including the coveted Best Short Drama. I really like the cinematography of the film and the props are breathtaking.

I found the ending somewhat dissatisfying, though. Short film, just like short stories, are hard for me to get into because I find they have ended just when I am getting to know a character and the world that they live in. The resolution in short works is often sudden and often leaves me wondering, “So… why did you stop?” or “That’s it?”

That feeling really hit me hard with The Anachronism. Unlike a past short film that I featured, La Main des Maîtres, which left me with the feeling of possibility that the world might change in the future, this film left me feeling disappointed in the failure of the children to act. Why didn’t they do anything? Why  were they not called to adventure? The missed opportunity bugs me, but perhaps that is the point. Still, I don’t like it. Am I the only one that feels this way?

Nevertheless, the film is beautiful and worth a watch on this lovely Saturday evening.