The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne

The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne is a TV series that was shown on the Sci-Fi Channel in June of 2000. This Steampunk extravaganza is centered around the notion that there is a vast conspiracy surrounding the books of Jules Verne. His novels, the episodes assert, were not the works of fiction by a revolutionary creative mind, but actual events that Verne himself experienced.

The following video is the first section of the premiere episode of the series, In the Beginning:

The first twelve episodes of the series is up through the play-list on YouTube, so this should provide for some excellent viewing material over the coming weekend.

It should theoretically go without saying that this film series is not historically accurate, but I figured I best say that here and now. As Steampunks, we tend to scoff at historical accuracy when it concerns the creation of our own subculture, and The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne is no exception.