May the Fourth Be With You

Today is May the 4th, International Star Wars Day. I have many fond memories of viewing the original Star Wars series in my childhood, and I can singlehandedly cite it as the inspiration for my first career aspiration (fighter pilot). While I no long wish to be a part of the military, I still can enjoy the amazing world of Star Wars and its impact not only on myself, but on US culture as a whole.

To commemorate International Star Wars Day, I have for your viewing pleasure, a set of sketches by Eric Poulton, who reimagines the Star Wars Series in a Steampunk light. Here’s my favorite sketch, of Han Solo and Chewbacca:

(c) Eric Poulton

There is an entire series of these sketches featuring many of the main characters in the original Star Wars universe all with their own unique Steampunked back stories. Click on the picture above to check out Eric’s blog. I’ve presorted his posts for your enjoyment so that only his Star Wars works show up.

If you like what you see, you can purchase these prints, along with Eric’s other non Steampunk inspired works at his DeviantART site.

I hope everyone is having a great International Star Wars Day! How did you celebrate? I watched A New Hope when I got home from work (because no one at my work seemed to care… I think I need to find a job with a higher concentration of nerds in the workforce) and am currently working on The Empire Strikes Back… Will I forego sleep to fit in The Return of the Jedi? Most certainly!

And may the fourth, I mean, Force be with you!