Steam Powered Stories

A while back, I told you all about the upcoming release of the Cog is Dead’s debut album but I had heard nothing with regards to when it would be available for purchase. I’m very happy to report that The Cog is Dead has finally released their debut album, Steam Powered Stories!

I’m very excited about this album. If you’d like to preview the album, take a look on their MySpace page and listen to a few of their tunes. I still really like “The Death of the Cog.” Their ballad “The Copper War” makes me think of American Steampunk which focuses on the old west (which is also this year’s SteamCon theme).   If you want to hear a little bit of each song, rather than the entirety of a few, you can visit Amazon and opt to preview all of the songs. This album is certainly more Steam than Punk, so please keep that in mind if you tend to prefer one sound over the other.

Steam Powered Stories is currently available on Amazon and CreateSpace for your purchase.