Do you find yourself wishing for a over the top way of serving beer? Do you marvel at the process of creating signature beers in flavors so outstanding that they cannot be replicated by the brewing corporations? And would you like to do all of these things in a sufficiently Steampunk manner?

Then allow me, my dear readers, to introduce you all to the newest development in Steampunk entertaining, The BrewBot by Erik Baker.

Very cool. You can read all about the creation of the BrewBot here on ArtVoice with an interview with Erik Baker himself. I think it is also worth a look at his personal website at the University of Buffalo to see just how far the BrewBot has come from its initial project designs. The final result is nothing short of spectacular.

So, back to your dreams of having the BrewBot in your home… you will be happy to know that Mr. Baker is already hard at work on a more condensed version of the BrewBot that will eventually be sold to establishments such as restaurant, pubs, and brewpubs. So while this might not be something for your home (unless you are that in to beer) this is certainly a possible piece of equipment for the Steampunk restaurant or pub.

Hmm… now that would certainly be an establishment I’d love to visit!