Radio Riel: Steampunk Radio

My attention was recently called to a new internet radio station which specializes in Steampunk Music at Radio Riel. At first, I was very excited about the idea, not only because my Abney Park station on Pandora hardly plays enough actual Steampunk music, but also because my current office-mate enjoys blasting obscure showtunes as “working background music.”

So I enthusiastically set to listening to this new discovery while my office-mate was away and I thus had run of the office space and musical selections. And boy, was I disappointed.

Here I was, expecting to hear the latest from all of my favorite Steampunk bands, and discover a few new ones in the process, but about four hours into my listening experience, I noticed something… the songs had begun to repeat themselves. And here’s the thing, it wasn’t like Abney Park, Vernian Process, The Cog Is Dead, or the Clockwork Dolls were being constantly played and they had just begun the cycle of immensely popular Steampunk bands again. No, this music was stuff I had never heard before, stuff that sounded more Gothic than Steampunk, that was on repeat on a Steampunk radio station. In all my many hours of listening to this radio station, I only heard one Abney Park song, and it was not one of my favorites.

Needless to say, I’m rather disappointed with this radio station. I understand that it is new, but that’s not enough of an excuse to be looping music that isn’t particularly Steampunk and leave the greats out of the playlist entirely. Every single time I tune in now, it seems like they are playing something I have already heard, which thus prompts me to quickly tune out and turn to my own Steampunk music reserves.

Perhaps this broadcast will improve in the future, but for now, I’m sorry to report that this one isn’t worth your time.