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If you have been reading Trial By Steam for any period of time, you are likely aware of how much I love Etsy and all the triumphs of artistry that it makes available to the discerning buyer. I’d like to share another marvelous experience that I had when I decided to order this:

That, my friends, is a top hat by the brilliantly talented Gypsy Lady Hats on Etsy. It’s made from brown crushed velvet and satin, with a coppery taffeta for the hat band and bow. It’s stunningly Steampunk and just enough over the top to embrace both the Steam and Punk aspects of our subculture.

I had a wonderful experience with the ladies at Gypsy Lady Hats, who took the time to consider all of the details and specifics of my particular case regarding concerns about my goggles. I was concerned about the weight of my goggles distorting or damaging the brim of the hat when I placed them there, but I was assured that the hats are very sturdily made, and that goggles weighing a pound would not be a problem. Now that I have the hat in hand, I have no doubts that it will be just fine. I would like to warn you all about one thing, however. The booming popularity of these finely made hats has made quite a waiting list, so do not expect that your hat will arrive soon after you purchase it. Mine took just over a month to arrive, but oh, was it worth the wait…

If you are looking for a top hat to put the finishing touches on your latest Steampunk attire, I highly recommend Gypsy Lady Hats as a great place to purchase it. Please, just do not buy it from Hot Topic. The Hot Topic brand has ripped off many of Gypsy Lady Hats’ designs and called it their own. Observe the evils of the corporate and the theft of an artistic design from an independent artist!

Gypsy Lady Hats' Top Hat

Hot Topic's Top Hat Rip-Off

This is precisely why I keep telling you all to buy from places like Etsy. Corporate America is just dying to get in on this new thing they’ve heard of called Steampunk, and would like to treat it like many of the other subcultures that they’ve entrapped through their mass produced but easily accessible garbage. If you can’t make and mod your own Steampunk clothes, do the right (and Steampunk) thing and buy from an independent artist who can.

If you want to learn more about Hot Topic’s theft of Gypsy Lady Hats’ designs, you can check out many of their other designs stolen by Hot Topic and read more about the situation on their Facebook page here.

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