Mr. Bojagi starring Brian Blessed

I have for you all another very special short video, Mr. Bojagi. This award winning short film is enjoying a brief run on were you can view it for free, but only for a short ten days. I don’t know when the ten days started, so I suggest you visit the site straightaway to see this wonderful short film.

I really enjoyed this film. The universality of its themes is what really struck me. I think that there is hardly anyone in the world who doesn’t have a family member who doesn’t and won’t try to understand him or her on their own terms. For me, it is my grandmother. We’ve never seen eye to eye on anything, and I think it would be wonderful if there were people like Mr. Bojagi to open her eyes to the way I truly am, rather than the way she wants me to be.

I thought to cinematography, acting, and costuming were all superb. Apparently, there’s been a feature length script of Mr. Bojagi written, and they are waiting to judge the initial reception of the short film to determine if a feature length film would be a wise venture. So, if you loved Mr. Bojagi, make sure to drop them a note telling them you enjoyed it. You never know, we may see a feature length film in the future if the reception is a wholly positive one.

You can read more about the short film on Mr. Bojagi’s webpage, found here.

EDIT: As of right now (May 25th, 2010) you can still see the short film on their Facebook page by clicking on one of the embedded copies of the film via DailyMotion.