Salem’s Clockworks Cafe

There’s a new establishment in Salem, OR that has caught my attention, the Clockworks Cafe. It’s a Cafe (and cultural center!) bedecked in the Steampunk aesthetic which recently opened its doors for business. And my, is it gorgeous:

The entire cafe is decorated in a Steampunk aesthetic and seems to enthusiastically welcome Steampunks. Oh, how I wish I could say I was writing this blog post from there! The West Coast seems like the perfect haven for Steampunks, from Seattle and Salem to San Fransisco, Steampunk is alive and well on the Pacific Coast.

If you want to read more about the Clockworks Cafe, why don’t you click here, and view the flyer they were handing out on their opening day. Finally, a cafe and cultural center primarily for Steampunks. No more having to tag-along with reluctant Goths in Salem at least. And what’s best, is that the Clockworks Cafe is a nonprofit venture from the Culture Shock Community Project. Such a brilliant idea, I love it so much so that I wish it were my own.