The Steampunk World’s Fair Photos

Today, I have for you all a collection of photos from the Steampunk World’s Fair which recently took place in Piscataway, New Jersey. As one of the few Steampunk events on the East Coast, I was very excited to call your attention to this outstanding event.

Photos from the event are now up on Flickr, and you can click here to view them. I don’t believe there’s a much better way to get an idea for the event than browsing through some of these. For a full effect, I’d highly recommend clicking the “Slideshow” option in the upper right corner, turning on some Abney Park, and just enjoying the sights. It looks like it was positively wonderful!

Next year’s Steampunk World’s Fair has been announced, The Roaring (18)20’s, so if you enjoyed this year’s or are considering attending the convention in 2011, do be sure to add this to your calendar. You can stay completely up to date on the happenings for next year’s convention through their main website as well as their Facebook page.