Steampunk Patterns and Tutorials

As promised, I’ve found a wonderful resource for you all to construct your own Steampunk clothing from the Wings of Steam forum. You can see it here.

There’s ton’s of great patterns and tutorials here for both men and women’s clothing for those of you with sewing and/or modding skills. This is, unfortunately, something I have little time for (complicated by the lack of a sewing machine and any sewing skills outside of a half semester of Apparel in high school). So those of you with the time to make and/or mod your own clothing, this is a wonderful resource to find the beginnings of a new Steampunk outfit.

Today is the last day of A-Kon, and things are winding down here. Most of the con-goers have departed on their way home. A friend of mine who flew down from Minnesota for the event and I are one of the few last hold-outs here at the Sheraton in Dallas. Tomorrow morning, I’ll leave from the hotel to return back to work and my friend will fly back. I already feel as if I’m turning into a  metaphorical pumpkin… it will be hard to return to my every-day life with it’s limited Steampunk influence after this weekend. It’s hard to sum up just how amazing this weekend was, much of it totally unexpected.

It may be a few days before I can do a complete write up of A-Kon 21 and include photographic eveidence of all the epic things that happened over the weekend. Without it, I highly doubt you all would be inclined to believe me.

Also, I’ve finally succumb to Facebook at the request of a few of the Steampunks I met at the convention, so please feel free to add me on Facebook. Just be sure to mention that you follow the blog, or I won’t add you.