Steampunk Gear Table

At present, I am not to the point in my life where I am buying furniture of any sort. I’m far too nomadic to be interested in laying down 700 dollars for a table. For those of you who are, however, I’d like to bring your attention to a spectacular little gem I discovered today while I was browsing Etsy for new components to my Steampunk wardrobe:

Ooh, ahh… This table is perfectly Steampunk. The gears are made from 15 layers of birch hardwood laminated together and the large gear is 30 layers which means this table should last. What really excites me about this table is that the gears actually spin via the handle on the left. How cool is that?

The table’s overall measurements are approx. 26 inches wide, 40 inches long, and 30 inches high. Shipping and pick-up options are  available to the very lucky Steampunk who elects to purchase this beauty. Consider me incredibly envious.

Tomorrow, I promise I’ll get back to posting material from A-Kon. I just wanted to let you know about this table before someone else snatches it away!

3 comments on “Steampunk Gear Table

  1. Thank you for writing such amazing words about my table. I really appreciate what you have said. I would like to let you know about two huge pieces of news. The first is that the original of this table has now been sold. The second is that I am willing to make them at a new price of $500 per table.

    Again thank you for your kind words,
    Cole Hastings

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