SteamCon II Couture

Ah! All this talk about conventions has gotten me incredibly excited for the next convention on my circuit, SteamCon II. I’ve already booked my flight and hotel for what will certainly be a thrilling week of Steampunk misadventure. In browsing through their site once again, I discovered that the Couture section of SteamCon’s website had been updated!

This year, there are going to be two teas and fashion shows. According to the website:

One tea will be a classic high tea with the fashion show focused on elegant evening wear and formal frocks. The other tea party will be more akin to the convention’s theme of The Weird, Weird West. This tea will be a leisurely and informal style. The accompanying fashion show will feature the rough and tumble edge of steampunk with a focus on men’s wear and utilitarian looks.

I’m more inclined to go to the high tea because 1) I don’t really care for American West Steampunk 2) I am not a man and 3) I’m always interested to see how people decide to enmesh the Steam and Punk aspects into formal wear. For me, Steampunk fashion is a combination of the two aspects, not just Steam, and not just Punk. Both are equally important to create our unique look and make us stand out from the Neo-Victorians. But that’s just me.

Anyway! The applications for both designers and models to be showcased in SteamCon II’s fashion shows are now online.

Designers, click here for your application. Models, click here. Please be sure to visit the Couture section of SteamCon’s website for the full listing of the their rules and expectations regarding your application and submissions. I do hope to see some of my reader’s and/or designs on the SteamCon II catwalk, so let me be the first to wish you all good luck!

6 comments on “SteamCon II Couture

  1. Larry Amyett says:

    I’ll said it before and I’ll say it again. I am soooo jealous. Especially since my style of steampunk is Western.

  2. Samantha Lee says:

    YOURE NOT A MAN?!?!?!?!?!?!
    Lol Just kidding Oh Great One.

    • aeflint says:

      It’s crazy, I know. 😛

      If the teas aren’t going on at the same time and there isn’t something else going on that I am dying to see, I may go to thee casual tea for Larry’s sake so that I can bring him back pictures to inspire new Steampunk outfits! It all depends, though. I won’t likely know the schedule until a week before the event.

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