Happy Friday everyone! Just a brief post tonight to make sure you all know about this weekend’s Steampunk convention, STEAM Fest in Atlanta Georgia.

STEAM (Steampunk Theatre Entertainment Art & Music Festival) Fest is happening this weekend, on the 19th and 20th of June. I know it’s late notice, but this one just appeared on my radar. So for all you Steampunks out on the East Coast, the second annual STEAM Fest may be worth your time to explore. What better way to spend a weekend?

Personally, when I travel, I aim for milder climates (hence, SteamCon), but I’m really quite impressed by the various conventions that are either explicitly Steampunk or have a considerable Steampunk attendance in Atlanta. In addition to STEAM Fest, DragonCon and AnachroCon come immediately to mind as outstanding Steampunk get togethers held in Atlanta.

Can anyone shed some light on why Atlanta seems to be the South’s Steampunk capital? I honestly have no idea and am genuinely curious.