Scarlett’s Corset

This evening (finally) starts the series on merchants whose wares impressed me at A-Kon and had business cards to give me so that I could follow up with them here at Trial By Steam. First up, is Scarlett’s Corset.

I saw these corsets at A-Kon and was very much impressed by the workmanship of the corset. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell from just an online picture how well made and supportive a corset will actually be when worn. And a corset is one article of clothing that one should not causally approach. It’s a very confining garment which literally changes the way the wearer breathes. Lacing a corset too tightly can cause one to pass out, and if done over a long period of time, can actually shift the shape of the wearer’s body and internal organs.

So, corsets are not to be taken lightly. If you should choose to wear a corset, make sure it is one that is well constructed to your body’s specific dimensions.

That being said, these corsets are gorgeous! Here’s a photo of them that I took from the convention floor:

What’s even better for my readers in the DFW area is that Scarlett’s Corset is a locally owned business. So, if you missed the opportunity to buy one of these at the convention, you haven’t missed the opportunity to be measured and fitted by the maker of the corsets so that you can be absolutely sure that the corset you buy is properly suited for your body. For information on sizing a corset, click here.

For my out of region readers, however, fret not! Scarlett’s Corset’s tours the nation sporting their wares at many a convention. Click here to see when they may be coming to your part of the US to witness these wonderful articles of clothing for yourself.

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  1. Thanks so much for you pleasant comments! I hope to see you again at A-Kon 2012. I have several new designs (overskirts & bustles) for my SteamPunk bunch! (So glad I “googled” my business and your review came up!) Sincerely,
    Nancy Brite-Smith (owner/designer Scarlett’s Corset)

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