Dark Destiny Designs

Before A-Kon started, I ordered some gloves to go with my dress. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask for express shipping so that they would make it in time for the convention, so they did not arrive until after the convention was over. It was alright, though, I wound up wearing two pairs of white gloves that used to be my grandmothers, and they looked spectacular.

I’m very excited about my new gloves, however, and wanted to share them all with you:

These are spats inspired arm-warmers from Dark Destiny Designs. I got them from their Etsy site and I love them! They are just outstanding, and they fit me perfectly.

The only sad part about this entry is that Erin, the seamstress, has temporarily closed her shop. She’s due to have her baby soon (congrats to her) and thus has closed up shop for the immediate future. Fear not, however! Erin does intend to reopen her shop, and you can even sign up on her Etsy storefront to know when she’ll reopen for business.

If you like the look of these can would like to see some of her past work, you can visit the gallery on her main website, or her past purchases on her Etsy shop. I think you will like what you see, especially if you are into Dark Steam.